We take the taxi sector to the next level.

Yolanda (Barcelona) “I’m delighted to form part of the Joinup team: They are great professionals and the best people”
Eduardo (Bilbao) “I opt for the future, that’s why I opt for Joinup”
Montse (Madrid) “I love the business client, they are demanding but know how to appreciate a quality service. I’m aware that you get what you give and at Joinup we give our all.”
Luis Ángel (Madrid) “At Joinup we believe that top quality is the best option. Each day I see how the client appreciates and values it”.
Juan Francisco (Barcelona) “I feel part of the Joinup team and we work to always give an exquisite service”.
Jose María (Barcelona) “After 35 years in the profession, with Joinup I have found motivation again!”