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Mobility services for companies, shall we start traveling together?

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“Joinup is a company with a great human team, constantly looking for new challenges. Keep up the good work! We’re thrilled to join you in this adventure”

“Our satisfaction surveys make it clear: Joinup is an excellent Customer Service”

“For a service to work, there must be a human team behind it that believes in the project. I recommend it to all companies”

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All the mobility services that your company needs

Our aim is to offer you a worry-free service. We want to offer you a mobility app for your employees to travel by taxi, use car-parks, justify their mileage… We want you to forget about organising your company event transfers. We want you to easily see all your company’s mobility features at our Back Office…

In a nutshell, we want to make your life easier so you only have to concentrate on your business. This is why our team will always be with you, 24/7.

We are now more than 600 large corporations. Will you Joinup?

Taxi for companies

We have a tailored 21st century corporate taxi network. An exclusive service for companies like yours, that want to move fast and with top quality. Your employees will only need a couple of clicks for their taxi service and your company can centralise the entire service.

ECO taxis, electric taxis, high-end, adapted… Just decide how to move, we handle all the rest.

Parking for companies

In advance or on the spur of the moment, with our companies mobility app you can book a parking place which will be waiting for you when you arrive at the best price (up to a 70% discount). We are at 250 towns and more than 1210 airports and stations. And if you prefer not to park, choose our valet service.

Electric Charging Stations for Companies

If your company is committed to sustainable mobility and your employees use company cars, introducing electric vehicles is key. This requires an extensive network of charging stations.

Our app contains more than 30,000 charging stations from multiple operators. Your employees will be able to top up very easily and you will have full control over spending and a centralised invoice for all top-ups.

Companies mileage management

Control all your company’s mobility. Forget all those tedious expense sheets, avoid mistakes and fraud. Cut down on the time and management costs of employees who move around in their own or company car.

Companies group mobility

We are here to handle all your event transfers so you have nothing whatsoever to worry about. You will count on a personal manager 24/7, you may customise each tailor-made trip and have all information in real time in an intuitive platform. A tailor-made solution for agencies and companies opting for quality.